4Ocean and the skyrocketing market interest in seafood Posted on 3 Sep 11:55

4Ocean is a global company that is trying to improve conditions for sea life in the ocean by sales of its 4Ocean bracelet which provide funding for chosen causes as well as pull a pound of waste from the water and the coastline. This Florida based organisation sends boats out to pull plastic instead of pulling fish and is involved in numerous initiatives to restore the balance of life in the Ocean. Currently, one of the major threats is overfishing.

Currently, 80% of the fish in the oceans are being over exploited or fully exploited in order to meet the huge surge in demand for seafood that has happened in recent years. This trend will only continue due to the difficult nature of enforcing commercial fishing limits in international waters. We now need a means of meeting the market demands with allowing sea life the time to reproduce and grow. One possible option to this is sustainable fish farming, however this needs to work with nature if it is to help restore the delicate balance in the ocean ecosystems.

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