Help protect the Great White Shark with this limited edition 4Ocean bracelet Posted on 9 Jul 08:33

Throughout the worldwide pandemic 4Ocean have continued to strive to clean-up our oceans and coastlines and through the sale of their 4Ocean Bracelet helped protect endangered sea life and marine ecosystems. Now, they have returned with a limited edition Great White Shark bracelet to show support for this vulnerable shark which is due to become listed as endangered due not only to plastic pollution but illegal poaching.

From cinema and popular culture the Great White Shark is presented as a relentless predator who prowls the terrified oceans. However, the opposite is true in so far as the are guardians of the oceans’ biodiversity when they help control prey populations which maintains strength and diversity in these species. This misconception has allowed a rapid decline in their population due mainly to the commercial fishing industry as well as the practice of illegal finning and theft.

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