Interesting shark facts from 4Ocean to increase shark conservation awareness Posted on 30 Jul 11:37

The 4Ocean Bracelet is not only to help clean-up the ocean and the coastlines by pulling a pound of trash but also to help raise awareness about the importance of conservation. For the month of July, 4Ocean had released a limited edition shark bracelet to highlight the dramatic decline in the global shark population. As each bracelet is a pledge to raise awareness, 4Ocean have released the following shark-related facts.

Sharks can have up to 3,000 teeth at one time.
Shape and size of teeth vary depending on the type of shark.
Their teeth aren’t able to chew food, but are made to tear it into mouth-sized pieces.
Sharks can continuously grow replacement teeth.

  • Needle-like teeth are typically found in sharks whose diet consists of small to medium sized fish or smaller sharks. They’re particularly effective at gripping onto agile and slippery fish.
  • Serrated wedge-like teeth are found in large species that feed on larger prey and are effective art cutting off chunks of flesh for easy swallowing.
  • Teeth with no purpose are found in plankton feeders who use their fills to filter feed.
  • Dense plate-like teeth are used to crush the shells of prey.

By buying a limited edition Shark Bracelet, you're not only help pull a pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines, you're also contributing to Project AWARE and their very important global shark conservation work: 4Ocean Shark Bracelet