Paper Tiger is proud to support the Living Wage. Posted on 7 Nov 13:35

Michael Apter, Business Owner said: “Offering the Living Wage UK rate to our team does a number things for Paper Tiger. It values the work that our people do, it attracts high calibre individuals to join and stay with our team, and it means our customers and our suppliers know that they are working with and supporting a business that does the right the thing. We work hard to deliver a great shopping experience with high levels of service, and the Living Wage UK is the starting point for us to ensure that the efforts of our team are rewarded".

It means a lot to our team too:

Laura: "I work for Paper Tiger, who pay the Living Wage, because it allows me to live outside work. Adventure is the spice of the life for me, and the Living Wage is the key to where those adventures begin. Everyone has a life outside work, and working for a company that provides and supports the Living Wage allows me to be who I want to be and more".

Dawn: "Working for a Company who pay the Living Wage makes living in Edinburgh - one of the most expensive cities in the world - much more realistic and manageable for me".

Iman: "Working for a Living Wage Company means less financial worry for me, and therefore provides a more positive and fulfilling working experience and environment".