The 4Ocean Bracelet and how it is keeping plastic out of the ocean and off of coastlines. Posted on 18 Jul 11:44

The 4Ocean Bracelet is the sole means by which the 4Ocean movement is funded and their mission to clean-up the ocean and the coastlines. These bracelets are created from 100% recycled materials, the cord is recycled water bottles and the beads are made from recycled glass bottles. The fact that they are made from recycled materials is very important as it is a key factor in dealing with the way we dispose of plastic. When one-use plastic is disposed with, there is really only four ways of dealing with it: landfilling, incineration, recycling, and biodegradation.

Here are some important facts about these four methods:

Landfills are the least favourable disposal method. They are highly wasteful, as everything sits there and doesn’t become productive. Plastic in landfills can take 400 years to degrade. When plastics decompose, they can release pollutants like methane into the water and soil.

Incinerating plastics derived from petroleum and natural gas releases the energy stored within. This energy can have a higher value; higher than other trash. Pro: Reduces the amount of plastic in landfills. Con: Releases toxins that were in the plastic into the air. Only 12% of plastic in the world has been incinerated.

The chemical process that breaks down materials into organic material. “Bioplastics” are plastics derived from renewable biomass sources. Biodegradable plastics made from traditional petrochemicals are engineered to break down quicker. The term biodegradable is not concrete, and there is no current regulation to enforce claims being biodegradable.

Recycling is the most effective way to handle plastic. This method is not fully utilised, as it is difficult to collect and sort the plastic waste. Effectiveness of recycling is highly dependable on public awareness, economic viability, and implementation by local facilities.

If you would like promote recycling as a way to deal with the plastic pollution issue, then you can purchase a 4Ocean Bracelet, as every bracelet sold will not only remove 1 pound of trash from the ocean and coastline but will help fund the various campaigns of their monthly environmental causes: 4Ocean Bracelet