The 4Ocean mission and the need to reduce and recycle plastic Posted on 23 Jul 12:08

The 4Ocean Bracelets are made from recycled materials and recycling is a very important part of the 4Ocean mission. However, one of the core 4Ocean messages is that the best way to reduce the amount of plastic going into the ocean and onto the coastlines is to simply reduce your consumption of plastic.

One of the easiest ways of doing this is to just stop using single-use plastics, for example a plastic straw or coffee cup, in your daily life.

Here in the UK, we have increased our recycling rates from 31% in 1998 to 64% in 2017, but this does not overcome the issue of plastic ending up in landfills. Due to the nature of plastic it cannot be continually recycled as it is not possible to remould the chemicals involved into something else. As a result, by the very nature of plastic, it will end up in landfill at the end of its recycling life cycle as it can no longer be recycled any longer.

If you would like to raise awareness of the need to recycle, and the need to reduce the day-to-day use of single use plastics, while actively removing plastic that is polluting the ocean and coastline, then simply buy a 4Ocean Bracelet> and join the movement.