The 4Ocean race to reduce the rate of plastic waste production Posted on 16 Jul 12:03

The 4Ocean mission to clean the ocean and coastlines, funded by sales of the 4Ocean Bracelet, is essentially the race to remove all single-use plastics. Approximately 6300 Mt of plastic waste had been generated and of this only around 9% of this plastic waste had been recycled. Of the remaining, 12% has been incinerated while 79% has accumulated in landfills or the natural environment. If this continues at this rate, that means that by 2050, roughly 12,000 Mt of plastic waste will be in landfills or in the natural environment. Full details of these figures can be found here: Production, use, and fate of all plastics ever made

It is possible to continue to remove plastic waste from the ocean and coastlines by buying a 4Ocean Bracelet, the purchase of which will allow 4Ocean to remove a pound of trash. The sale of the bracelet will provide the funds to acquire tools and equipment as well as cover the operational expenses needed for ocean clean-ups of this scale.

If you would like help combat this, then you can purchase a 4Ocean Bracelet, as every bracelet sold will not only remove 1 pound of trash from the ocean and coastline but will help fund the various campaigns of their monthly environmental causes: 4Ocean Bracelet