Advent Calendars 2021 Posted on 5 Nov 15:03

Have you got the Christmas feels yet? I have - you might have guessed! I'm not usually so cheery about the festive season, it's hard work in retail, Christmas is virtually a year round project for us at Paper Tiger, and I am often very tired and occasionally a wee bit grumpy(!) by the time I get to Christmas Eve...but this year it feels different and I am determined to have a great time and enjoy myself!

I suspect it has a lot to do with the low key season we all had last year. It was a unique and unforgettable experience to spend it with my wife and children, but we all missed our extended family and friends.

This year domestic preparations have started earlier than usual because we are planning to see as many people as we can - visitors to us and visiting others.

The countdown has begun, it's less than fifty days to go, I've ordered my charity Christmas Tree, I have chosen my Christmas cards (see below!), and I am putting my Advent Calendar on my windowsill next week!