An Edinburgh Father's Day Posted on 8 Jun 16:25


Father's Day falls on Sunday 20th June this year, and like many Edinburgh Dads, I am daydreaming about a Sunday of absolutely luxurious indolence, crowned King For A Day. I am expecting a host of obedient and happy children, attentive to my needs and attending to my every whim, positively falling over themselves in their eagerness to demonstrate the love they have for me, and the esteem in which I am held. 

In the event that the day doesn't unfold in that manner, there a few things that we might be able to do as a family that make me feel valued as a father, and that would be an acceptable alternative to my unrealistic and unrealised daydream.

Perhaps a trip to the Pentland Hills? Found to the south of the City Of Edinburgh, The Pentland Hills form a natural protection from the worst of the weather, and provide a picture perfect backdrop to the city. 

During lockdown they have been an inspiration and an escape for city residents, able to experience a little bit of wild Scotland on their doorstep. 

Our Pentland Hills fragrance is my favourite of our whole Scents Of Edinburgh collection.

Treat your Dad. Let him escape to the hills.