Books About Edinburgh Posted on 28 Jun 16:30

Paper Tiger has been in Edinburgh for over 40 years (I won’t age myself by saying how long I’ve been here!) and it truly is a special place - that unique blend of modern hustle and bustle combined with a little ancient magic! Looking up at the historic castle, you can’t help but feel a connection to all the people who have walked these cobbled streets over the centuries.

While we like to think of ourselves as Edinburgh experts, there is always something new to discover in this city. Our carefully curated collection of Edinburgh books have been selected because they go beneath the obvious surface of the city and make entertaining reads, whether you are a tourist still saying ‘Edinberg’ or a local still joking about tram works.

As we at Paper Tiger have known for a long time, Edinburgh is full of talented artists. ‘The Edinburgh Art Book’ is a beautiful showcase of both the city’s unique aesthetics and the local talent. This collection makes an excellent gift for both art lovers, visitors looking for a unique memento, or those of us who can’t get enough of this enchanting city. Some of our favourite illustrators, such as the wonderful Lucy Jones, even make an appearance!

Gillian Tait’s comprehensive ‘111 Places in Edinburgh That You Shouldn’t Miss’ has been a staple of our collection for many years now, and this revised 4th edition is no exception. Covering all the bases, from chapels to pubs, modern art to historic gardens, this book offers a comprehensive guide to Edinburgh sites that you really, really, shouldn’t miss!

Nothing clears the mind like a good walk and Edinburgh has plenty of routes to choose from, but not all of them are obvious! That’s why, when I’m looking for a new view, I turn to ‘Edinburgh’s Hidden Walks’ by Stephen Miller, who lays out some great walks along with beautiful illustrations and interesting facts to digest as you stroll.

A new addition to our collection, but already a firm favourite, is Hannah Robinson’s ‘Secret Edinburgh: An Unusual Guide’, which more than lives up to its name. Even as a self-proclaimed Edinburgh expert, this book taught me more than a few new things, and the wonderfully written descriptions made me eager to explore.

On rainy days when, despite Edinburgh’s gorgeous scenery, you just want to stay inside there’s nothing more soothing than a colouring book! ‘The Colouring Book of Edinburgh’ has been a favourite here at Paper Tiger ever since its release. Created by local illustrator Eilidh Muldoon, it is the perfect way to see the city from a new point of view. Muldoon’s style is lovely, and it is such a treat to see the landscapes and architecture of Edinburgh through an artist’s eyes.

‘The Silent Traveller In Edinburgh’ by author Chiang Yee is a book that caught me completely by surprise - I was already recommending it to anyone who would listen before I had even reached the final page! Chiang Yee was exiled from China in 1933, becoming The Silent Traveller and penning some of the most touching travel writing of the century. This book, first published in 1948, paints a picture of his experiences in wartime Edinburgh. Yee’s perspective is so fresh and endearing that I found a new appreciation for this city and its people through his eyes.

For a playful keepsake, this Edinburgh Panorama Pop always proves to be popular! The fantastic pop-out illustrations by Nina Cosford create a joyful and familiar landscape, with some information on the iconic landmarks. Whenever I look through one of these I can’t help feeling like I have the whole city in the palm of my hand!

Of course, no visit to Edinburgh would be complete without a visit to Paper Tiger! We love our city - and we hope the feeling is mutual!