Bullet Journaling with your NEW Paper Tiger Notebook Posted on 19 Nov 16:18

We have selected dot pattern pages for our new Paper Tiger Notebooks. The pattern of dots in are spaced at 5mm intervals right across the page, to create a matrix and a space that you can customise and make your own. The dots will keep you on the straight and narrow toward creativity and ideas, and also keep your lists tidy! The dot pattern is ideal for bullet journaling and for setting out your own plans and patterns. We selected this page layout for a number of reasons;

- the structure of the dots is more flexible than a lined notebook

- you can sketch on the page and use the dot pattern for scale

- we are quite obsessed with bullet journalling!

What is Bullet Journaling?

Very simply, it is a system for writing down all the things that you want to remember in one place! These can be things that you want to do, or things that you have already achieved, and it can be your thoughts, your goals or your observations. It can include habit trackers and sections to monitor every single part of your life. Most importantly, a bullet journal is a creative and practical space for you and only you. 

 Clearly we are advising you to use our new collection of Paper Tiger notebooks! There are seven colours in the launch range, available in A6 & A5 sizes. We also stock bullet journal notebooks from a number of other publishers and makers. We also have a wide range of pens, stickers and washi tape to help embellish your notes and add some personality to your pages. We also have several books on the topic of Bullet Journaling, and these provide a really useful starting point if you want to get creative with your journal.

 It’s a way of working and also a way of life if you wish - just check out the #BuJo hashtag on Instagram for some truly inspirational work. For me personally, I enjoy being able to layout my plans in a manner that suits me. I love using a wide range of notebooks, but I almost always customise pages by adding margins, blocking out parts of page, etc to help organise my thoughts in my notebooks.

Dots make that easier, and now I have seven colours to choose from, I can use different notebooks for different themes and projects!