Discover Our Favourite Edinburgh People Posted on 8 Sep 17:18

 Paper Tiger has been trading in Edinburgh city centre for almost 40 years, and we have always worked with local illustrators, designers and producers. We are proud of the long term relationships that we have built with people and companies around the world, but we are always thrilled when we find someone wonderful on our doorstep. 

One of the most recent additions to our card range has been local author and illustrator Morag Hood. Morag is an award winning children's book author, and I had great fun working with her on an exclusive card range. Keep in touch with Paper Tiger to find out about a new project with Morag which is coming soon!

The range with Morag was developed after a successful launch of ranges with Catherine Rayner. I have worked with Catherine for the past few years, helping her launching her first collections of birthday and occasions cards, followed by Christmas cards, and cards for Mothers Day and Valentines Day. Over the years we have worked together - fueled by coffee, and using a hairdryer to paint quickly - she has honed her technique for painting on glass, and Catherine has created some spectacular window displays for us.  It has been such a pleasure to see her designs chime with our customers, and in turn Catherine has gone on to develop and grow her business after collaborating with Paper Tiger.  

I have also worked with the Edinburgh Sketcher on exclusive designs as part of his card and gift range, and Mark (he has a real name!) has also run a series of successful Edinburgh sketching workshops with me over the last few years. Makr has also drawn all over my windows! We are working together right now (2 metres apart) on a post-covid plan for some autumn workshops, so keep an eye on our social media for more details.  

Regular Paper Tiger customers will be very familiar with the work of Gingerpaws, AKA Alice Druitt. Alice has been producing her intricate and detailed illustrations of the city for a long time, and her work is particularly popular for Christmas designs. Why Gingerpaws? Hidden somewhere in every illustration is the eponymous kitty, lurking in a window or peering out from behind an open door - it's fun trying to find the cat in every image. Last year we launched a range of exclusive coasters and placemats with Alice, which means you have something fun to do if the dinner time chat is a little dull!

Our friend and West End neighbour Paul Musgrove from Gallery Ten on William Street introduced me to the work of Lucy Jones. Lucy creates 'building portraits' using an array of materials and media, in order to capture the architectural wonders of the city. Her work is often on show at Paul's gallery, and we developed a range of cards together to showcase Lucy's work. It looks great on a 5" by 7" card, but some of her pieces are huge, well worth checking out the next time she has an exhibition. 

There are many more local illustrators that have their work on our shelves, but I have reserved Neon Magpie for the final mention on this blog. Chris and Megan Hicklin are the duo behind the company, and this talented couple have produced a number of successful ranges for Paper Tiger. They do have some special skills, and they also have special insight, as Chris is the Manager of our shop on Lothian Road, and Megan is my Buying Assistant. Megan is currently on maternity leave having recently produced a second son (Hello Finn!), but despite having their hands full at home, we will be launching new ranges from the dynamic duo this autumn!