DO/ Something! Posted on 4 Jan 11:00


Don't just stand there - DO something!

I have been selling a selection of the Do Book Company Books for a few years both in Paper Tiger and before that in Studio One. The range has grown and grown to become a really interesting and intriguing collection of manifestos and calls to action from an array of interesting practitioners and writers.

The publishing company has its roots in the Do Lectures, founded by former advertising executive and serial entrepreneur David Hieatt. He founded the Howies clothing brand before starting Hiut Denim in his home town of Cardigan. This was a small town that used to make a lot of jeans, until it lost out to cheap competition and the factory closed. David began a company that today employs locals to make their very fine, had crafted, long lasting (and rather expensive) jeans. It's an inspiring story, worth a read, and the ethos of Hiut and the Do Lectures programme of inspirational ideas carries David's enthusiasm into an array of different activities and ways of DOing things differently.

Some of the authors on the roster are world renowned experts in their field, including Les McKeown - an entrepreneur and business adviser, and Robert Poynton, an academic with an interesting outlook on how to prosper in our 'always on' culture. David Hieatt has two books in the series - Do Purpose and Do Open. If you have been reading my weekly newsletters and blogs, you will recognise some of lessons I have taken from the latter title! 

During the course of 2020 these titles have been a constant source of inspiration and comfort. I haven't read them all (yet), but each of the titles I have read have given me a positive boost during a difficult year.

As we look forward (actually look forward!) to 2021, I think you might find something to DO that will help you focus on the things that will improve your habits, your wellbeing and your sanity in the (HAPPY!) New Year.