For The Love Of Gin Posted on 23 Jun 12:00

The reputation of gin has really turned around from its 18th century image as the drink of the impoverished and desperate to a mainstay in any hip 21st century cocktail bar. I (being only slightly desperate) am delighted by this gin boom and the ever-growing selection of gins and flavours being created.

If gin is also your favourite tipple, we have a lovely selection of gin gifts picked out - no mixing required!

For the gin fanatics on their special day, we have a selection of gin-themed birthday cards - for those unafraid to voice their demands, we have the ‘Buy Me Gin, It’s My Birthday’ card from the quirky creators at UStudio. And for a little memento, we have the brilliant ‘let the festivities be gin!’ card, which comes with a sweet gin bottle enamel pin. From our everyday card selection we have a colourful card from the fabulous illustrator Kate And The Ink which reads ‘when life gives you lemons, add gin’ - advice that I shall carry with me always!

And of course, I couldn't forget our very own beautifully printed Letterpress card - Let The Festivities Be Gin - part of an exclusive range created by our design team, typeset and printed for us by Robert Smails Print Works here in Scotland.

If, like me, you enjoy chocolate just as much as you like gin we have a few treats in our chocolate selection that will satisfy those cravings. A must-try for any chocolate fan is our very own Paper Tiger raspberry gin milk chocolate, inspired by Edinburgh’s Old Town! This is our newest flavour and we couldn’t be happier with it - tastes of raspberry, juniper, and delicious cocoa blended to perfection!

For those who prefer their chocolate on the dark side, this gin and tonic dark chocolate bar from local chocolatiers Coco is an absolute must-try. This bar has been a firm favourite with both customers and staff ever since its launch, and is now part of Coco’s Artist Collection, with a beautifully designed wrap - a real treat for the senses!

Hoods Honey has been part of our range for many years now, and never fails to deliver high-quality (and beautifully scented) gifts. These beeswax candles are perfect for gin lovers who want to enjoy the refreshing scents of juniper berry at home - this scent always takes me back to summer days, enjoying a refreshing G&T in the garden. They come in a handy tin or, if you can’t get enough, a larger glass jar. 

Psst! This scent is also available as hand soap and bar soap!

If you want to branch out your gin-drinking, Gin: Shake Muddle Stir is the perfect recipe book to start you on your cocktail journey! Author Dan Jones lays out clear instructions that anyone (even me!) can follow, from easy three-ingredient-recipes, to punches, aperitifs, teas, martinis and more. With over 60 drinks, and a gorgeous cover to boot!

Gin Galore: A Journey to the Source of Scotland's Gin by Sean Murphy is ideal for anyone interested in Scottish gin. I thought I had a pretty good idea of our gin options, but this book opened my eyes to a whole world just waiting to be explored! With over 50 Scottish gins, as well as facts, tasting notes and cocktail recipes, you are bound to learn something new.

For a shorter read, this delightful book from Orange Hippo, The Little Book of Gin, is a witty whirlwind tour through the world of gin. Whether you are looking for interesting trivia, a quick new recipe, or a hilarious quote, these pages are sure to entertain.

And of course, when it comes down to the nitty gritty of actually drinking, we have a range of fabulous accessories to enhance the experience. Get the perfect measurements with these brilliant double jiggers from Uberstar, which come in shining silver or elegant rose gold. I always feel so suave making my G&Ts with one of these!

Bottoms up!