The World Of Whisky Posted on 27 Nov 11:07

Ever since the arrival of Johnnie Walker on Princes Street, I've had whisky on my mind. For any local whisky-enthusiasts out there, I'd highly recommend their Whisky Experience, which has only added to my appreciation. 

Did you know that in the mid 18th century, over half of Scotland’s whisky was made in underground, secret distilleries? Thankfully those whisky-loving Scots, not deterred by something as trivial as legality, kept the tradition alive by hiding their brews in any available nook and cranny, creating homemade stills, and distilling at night by moonlight.

Nowadays we wear our love of whisky on our sleeves, and Scotland is blessed with a diverse spread of distilleries creating some of the best whisky in the world. From the banks of the River Spey with its soft water where we get the signature smooth Speyside flavours, to the unique whiskies of the Highlands such as Highland Park, Glenmorangie, and Old Pulteney - each creating a special blend capturing the spirit of the area. Even Islay - an island with a population of just over 3000 - has an incredible concentration of world-famous distilleries!

Here at Paper Tiger, we take inspiration from this enduring industry and do our best to infuse our gift selections with some of this great Scottish tradition. We have a brilliant range of whisky-inspired gifts, ideal for anyone who loves the occasional dram!

For whisky-lovers with a sweet tooth (that's me!), we have a delicious range of whisky chocolate from local chocolatiers such as this white chocolate bar, inspired by the traditional Scottish dessert cranachan, from Quirky Chocolate.

In addition to our chocolate selection, we also have a range of whisky-flavoured fudge from the expers at Gardiner's of Scotland. You can even pick your favourite whisky from Tobermory, Old Pulteney, and Edradour.

We are very proud of our selection of Paper Tiger loose leaf tea, made here in Edinburgh, with three blends infused with whisky flavours. Now there’s no need to choose between relaxing with a nice glass of whisky or a hot cup of tea!

The traditions and history of whisky are fascinating, and for anyone keen to learn more we have a wonderful selection of books covering the topic. A firm favourite is Charles MacLean’s Spirit of Place - a deep dive into Scotland's 50 greatest whisky distilleries, complete with beautiful photography.

And don’t forget - for those all-important whisky tastings - we have a variety of unique accessories, selected to help you pour the perfect dram. A must-have for summer days are these Viski glacier rocks, which keep your drink nice and cool without watering down that perfect flavour.


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