Have a Coorie Christmas with Paper Tiger Posted on 15 Nov 15:52

Here in Scotland we have a version of hygge called coorie where we cozy up on cold nights. Coorie, which means 'to snuggle' or 'cuddle' , is our way of getting snug and safe during the severe winter months. If it is warm under a blanket on the sofa or wrapped up in layers before the fire, Coorie is our way of relaxing the heart and soul. This Christmas we have created a collection of items to help you coorie-in over the festive season. These include our Christmas Coorie chocolate bar and our Christmas Coorie candle.

Our Frankincense and Myrrh candle is based upon sweet orange and grapefruit fragrances, made with pure essential oils suffused through the soy wax. It's an ideal way to make your house smell homely and welcoming, ready for a coorie-in!

Our Christmas Coorie Peppermint Dark Chocolate bar is a complex confection of cocoa notes, sliced through with a clean, sharp peppermint twist.

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