Love Will Keep Us Together - 'Thinking Of You' Week Posted on 23 Sep 12:29

Who do you miss right now? And who is missing you? Thinking Of You week is an opportunity to pause and reflect upon the people that we hold dear. This year, that sentiment is much more apparent, as we have all been prevented from seeing the people that we cherish. We have a selection of cards with designs and messages to inspire and make you and your recipient feel good about yourselves.


That I ought to be Thinking Of You? This song has been going around my head all week. The news this week has given us all pause for thought about the people we have missed over the last six months, and will likely miss over the next six months.

It's going to be tough, many of us will be going back to virtual methods of communication, but a card means so much more for sender and recipient.

Who are you thinking about when you think about sending a card? Make a commitment to yourself and your family and friends to keep in touch this autumn - send a card!


It's easy to let your chin drop right now,  after all, it feels as if we're all in the coronavirus gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars! Or the kerb? Sorry, Oscar. Whichever.

My message is look up, and keep your chin up, by looking at the stars. This book by Alison Davies is a guide to the constellations, an illustrated introduction to the myths and origins of the stories that light up our skies.

With travel options increasingly limited, exploring the sky at night might be one way to pass the next few months...with your chin up!


This is the card I am going to send to one or two people I know who still enjoy Cigares De Joy

This card is from the Passenger Press collection - handprinted in Glasgow by our friend Rhian. She uses old letterpress blocks, found or from archives, to create new works. This card has been in the collection for a while but jumped off the shelf a couple of days ago. As the weather changes, and covid spreads, what better way to improve your health than taking up smoking?

Sorry.Walking! We're all going to be tourists at home this autumn. Stub it out, get out and about, and check out your local neighbourhood!


I have mentioned Knock Knock notepads and planners before in the newsletter, but these two seem to be appropriate for the current week!

I am firmly of the belief that we can Deal With This  - with the assistance of excellent organisational stationery,  and if all else fails, well WTF

We sold a fair chunk of Knock Knock the last time they were featured in the newsletter, partly because I had instructions from home to buy some for domestic use! Now that we're restricted again, the To Do list for the home is  getting longer and longer...


I feel really sorry for students starting university and college this year, I thought it was grim in the 1980's but the pandemic puts that into perspective, so I have introduced a student discount scheme in store and online.

Our selection of greetings cards and notecards are ideal for keeping in touch with family and friends while you are away from home. Parents could sign up their offspring with a nudge to keep in touch! 

Show your student ID in store, or sign up online with your academic emails address to get 10% off your purchases - check our terms for details!


I have been consumed by chocolate since childhood, and consume chocolate like a child in sweet shop. Inexcusable behaviour, but it means that when I put something on our shelves it's because I have tried it,  I trust the chocolatier, and it's delicious.

With Tony's Chocoloney, the appeal was instant - bright ,clear packaging with a great design, and something more.. I am diligent with sourcing for our range, but some brands are less than clear: Tony is on a a mission to make the chocolate industry 100% slavery free. 

I have selflessly tried the whole range and this photo represents my top three  in order - Milk Chocolate Almond Honey being my absolute favourite!


We have sold 'The Silent Traveller In Edinburgh' here in Paper Tiger for many years. Described as 'one of the most charming travel books ever written', the book is the memoir of Chiang Lee, a Chinese exile who lived in Edinburgh. 

The book looks at wartime Edinburgh, with interesting and unusual  perspectives on the landmarks and Edinburgh stories that residents and regular visitors  might take for granted. 

This new edition has an updated (and much improved!) cover, and is a reflective read for turbulent times. It would be a great gift to give to someone missing the city, or for  anyone who appreciates the richness of life that can be found anywhere, if we take time to look.