Made For Walking Posted on 16 Jun 11:15

I have walked more in the last few months than I have ever walked in my life. Walking used to be a means to an end, a destination to be reached by the shortest and fastest route possible. The idea of 'going for a walk' was not one that that really set my pulse racing, unless the destination was worthwhile. Or I had something interesting in my pocket (preferably something sweet!). While a tour around Edinburgh isn't quite as impressive as summitting Mount Everest, I think Romney's Kendal Mint Cake tastes just as good here in Scotland!


Of course, I hadn't really appreciated that - wait for it - the journey was just as important! It's an old cliche, but it's true. Walking to different places, at different times of day, has opened up a whole new set of views on places and things that I considered familiar, and it has been an unexpected pleasure. I cannot think of the last time I got back from a walk and felt worse for it. While I'm still pretty far from being a Zen master, this new pastime spurred me to read through Adam Ford's 'Mindful Thoughts For Walkers', and the chapter on city walking really resonated me - in this often hectic modern world, we have to make room for these thoughtful moments wherever we can.


Another book that I always turn to when searching for that inner calm (which often escapes me!) is Haemin Sunmin's 'The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down' - whenever I get the chance to take a walk and observe city life, Sunmin's words always come to mind. When it comes to savouring calm moments in a busy world, this book is the masterclass.


If you'd like to join me in my newfound appreciation, I would have to recommend 'The Joy of Walking' from editor Suzy Cripps - a beautiful collection of essays, poems, and fiction all about putting one foot in front of the other. Even the staunchest couch potato will find inspiration in these pages.


A detour of a few minutes can change your day for the better. Taking a path that's new to me can result in a more fulfilling journey, secret moments, and allows me to think more freely. 'Edinburgh's Hidden Walks' has been instrumental in the expansion of my walking ground - if you think you've seen all the scenic spots of the city, I guarantee you will find something new in this book!

If your scenery is starting to feel stale, I would highly recommend a look thought the 'Detours' activity cards from artist Kate Pocrass for a guided approach to seeing your surroundings with new eyes.