Magick Is Afoot Posted on 11 Aug 15:20

Just before lockdown we received a range of cards featuring the work of Caitlin Keegan. In turn, her work was inspired by Sister Corita Kent. 

Who was Corita Kent? She was an artist, educator and advocate for social justice, and a nun in the religious order of the Immaculate Heart Of Mary. She was also very cool, and her artwork is one of my favourite discoveries of the last few years. The "Magick' image here is taken from my copy of "International Signal Code Alphabet' which was published a couple of years ago to celebrate the centenary of her birth, and the fiftieth anniversary of it's original publication.

Like much of her work, it takes words, quotes and phrases and sets them in bold and vibrant silkscreened prints. For the alphabet she was inspired by nautical flags, whilst the text is taken from an eclectic array of sources, including The Bible and Leonard Cohen

Caitlin has taken a piece of text by Sister Corita, The Rules Of Work, to create her range of cards. 

It's a hugely influential piece of work, and one that still resonates. I think anyone who has ever read almost any kind of 'self improvement' book will recognise some of the core truths. I particularly like the final line of Sister Corita's manifesto which baldly states that 'there will be new rules next week'. That has always been the way for retailers, but it pretty much sums up where we all are right now.