Midsummer, Mid Year Posted on 21 Jun 14:00

I've spent a bit more time than usual reflecting on the midway point of the year and thinking about how I work. What a year to look back on (although I think I say that every year!). The photo below is my pristine new diary, with the old, careworn predecessor on top. I have used a mid-year diary for many years now, and you can read my many reasons in my previous blog.

For those of you thinking of trying something different from the old January to December layout, Paper Tiger has a variety of options that will help you reach your planning potential!

Did you click the link and read the blog? I am a big fan of using a mid-year diary. Laying out my diary is also a form of mindful optimism - and planning for the future actually makes life more meaningful. My diary of choice has been a moleskine for many years now, but we have a brilliant range of mid-year diaries to suit anyone’s style.

My colleague Ruth is a bit of BuJo ninja. She loves the lettering, the layouts and clarity it brings to her thinking and planning. Taking time to write and plan is a proven way to improve your productivity. If you’d like to try out this innovative style of journaling, you can pick up a copy of ‘How to Bullet Plan’ by author and journalist Rachel Wilkerson Miller - this guide completely changed the way I think about written notes (and definitely improved my note-taking style!). We also have a selection of notebooks designed for bullet journaling, such as this lovely blue hardback from moleskine - which also comes in a pretty pink!

Our Paper Tiger Notebooks are made eight miles away from our shops. They have a dot pattern page, which is ideal for bullet journaling, and ordering your thoughts. These are my go-to notebooks - they come in a variety of colours and two sizes, which is great for colour-coding various projects.

Did you know that the Filofax is also made in Edinburgh? In 2021, Filofax celebrates 100 years, but their current ranges are absolutely contemporary, and we adore them. If you are looking to curate your own diary layout, their personal organisers and notebook page packs (available in blank, lined, dotted, and squared) are perfect for creating the journal you need.

Of course, things can’t always go to plan - a lesson I keep learning - and staying flexible is vital. Being able to improvise helps. On my desk this week, Do Improvise by Robert Poynton advises to Notice More, Let Go, Use Everything. I'm going in.