My Funny Valentine Posted on 26 Jan 18:19

“My funny valentine
Sweet comic valentine
You make me smile with my heart”
- My Funny Valentine

In our latest period of winter lockdown, humour is needed now more than ever, especially when it is used to express love and affection.

This Valentine’s Day we are stocking a wide range of funny Valentine’s cards so our customers can find a way of putting a smile on a partner’s face, putting a skip in someone special’s step, or simply adding a little lightness to an otherwise grey day.

To make someone laugh is a great gift for both the sender and receiver. To know what will make someone laugh shows a depth of knowledge and care. But sometimes something silly is the easiest way of spreading joy.

A funny Valentine's card is a great way to show you care on Valentine's day. From a terrible pun to an adorable illustration our rage of cards are sure to raise a smile: Funny Valentines cards