One Step At A Time Posted on 10 Oct 10:10

SATURDAY MORNING! I am fizzing with energy today after a couple of difficult days at work. Today I am wearing a t-shirt in support of SAMH Scotland which I bought from my Edinburgh West End neighbour Peter at Solo Menswear.

Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay - a moment to pause and reflect on the events of the last six months. I don't know a single person who has not expressed a concern over their own mental wellbeing during the course of the pandemic. As a son, husband, father, brother, a friend and an employer, I have seen and heard the effects on wellbeing.

In turn, I have leaned on all of those people to help me. As a business owner, this period has been the hardest experience I have ever endured, and I am grateful that I have a support network, starting at home with a wife who puts up with me and gives me perspective, my kids to bring me back to the here and now, my parents and brothers, and an extended network of friends, neighbours, my Paper Tiger team and my neighbouring business owners in Edinburgh, and so many suppliers who have called and messaged with a kind word or a supportive comment.

Yesterday I had a rubbish day; a stress headache, cancelled Friday night plans, a difficult conversation with a business advisor, too much to do and not enough time to do it. I left my office with a 'cob on'. Thirty seconds later I bumped into Brenda from Birrell Rainford Opticians, who enthused about my most recent newsletter and told me that she been forwarding it to family and friends.

Then I called one of my friends who I had missed visiting the shop, and he also told me how much he had enjoyed the newsletter and bought cards for his Mum and another pal after a prompt from me. The sun came out. I got home with a spring in my step. Wise counsel helps. 

So whether it’s reaching out for support, helping someone else, or doing something simple for your own wellbeing, there are resources and tips to help.

Visit to get started.

Enjoy your day. One Step At A Time.