Paper Tiger Landmark Chocolate Bars Posted on 8 Oct 12:30

Here at Paper Tiger, we have combined our passion for chocolate with our love of Edinburgh to create the Landmarks collection - twelve delicious chocolate bars inspired by and named after the famous landmarks in our hometown. Join us on our chocolatey tour!


Our Holyrood Peppermint Dark Chocolate bar is a complex confection of cocoa notes, sliced through with a clean, sharp peppermint twist. We absolutely love it! The natural peppermint flavour is a sophisticated and classic combination, and once you’ve tried it we’re sure that you will agree.

Holyrood Palace is the Queen’s House. It’s the official Royal residence in Scotland, and Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second always spends ‘Holyrood Week’ here in late June, when the Queen fulfils a wide variety of royal duties and engagements. Over the years The Queen has invited tens of thousands of Scots into the Palace for garden parties and events. She even has her own Gallery and cafe here, with revolving exhibitions of artworks from the Royal Collections. The Palace as you see it today is around 350 years old, but the site has been used as a Palace and as an Abbey since the 12th Century - Robert the Bruce held a Scottish Parliament in the Abbey in 1326.

If walls could talk, the buildings at Holyrood would have more to say than most - it’s one of the most important and historic locations in Edinburgh and well worth the visit - and if we could hear what those walls were saying, we think that they’d suggest serving our Holyrood Peppermint Dark Chocolate Bar after eight...


From the moment you peel back the foil, you know your senses are in for a treat! Our Meadows Raspberry and Rose Milk Chocolate bar is a wild and fruity take on the flavours of a classic Turkish delight, with the delicious hit of raspberry and the delicate scent of roses to round out the smooth milk chocolate.

The Meadows is the largest park in Edinburgh city centre, and it’s been the location for leisurely strolls and cultural and sporting events for almost 300 years! Golf was pretty much invented on the adjacent Bruntsfield Links, and Hearts and Hibs played their first derby here on Christmas Day in 1875! The wide open fields are a huge draw for residents and visitors alike throughout the year, and at all times of the day, from early morning joggers to evening golfers. In the summer the smoke from barbecues wafts across the trees. All the more remarkable to think that large parts of The Meadows were once a Loch!

Our Paper Tiger team think this Meadows Raspberry & Rose Milk Chocolate is one of our best bars; reminiscent of the aromatic flavours of turkish delight, a real taste to savour, and best enjoyed on a warm sunny day on The Meadows!


Rhubarb Chocolate?! Despite being cultivated for millennia, it's taken until now to put rhubarb into a chocolate bar! The finessed nostalgic flavour of the Heart of Midlothian Rhubarb Milk Chocolate bar is a firm favourite amongst our team.

Once you've tried it, it's hard to stop, so we recommend buying this bar two or three at a time! That's because there are so many places in Edinburgh where you could enjoy this flavour combination - at the famous Stone heart beside Saint Giles' Cathedral on the Royal Mile, or perhaps you could make a pilgrimage to the Scott Monument on Princes Street. Savour the flavour as you gaze at Sir Walter, author of the novel of the same name.

Our Heart Of Midlothian Rhubarb Milk Chocolate is a delicious treat at any time, but you might want to slip a bar into the pocket of a Jambo to enjoy every other Saturday at 3pm on the terraces of Tynecastle Stadium!


The sweet, smooth silky milk chocolate caramel of our Firth Of Forth Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate bar is accentuated by a salty bite that literally makes your mouth water! Just like the Firth, this taste combination is wide and open, a great hit of satisfying flavour that merits repeated enjoyment.

From the Forth Bridges at South Queensferry, past Cramond, Granton, Leith and Portobello and sweeping outward to the beaches of East Lothian; the banks of the Firth are a playground for Edinburgh residents and visitors alike. Cruise ships regularly moor close to the Bridges, and are visible from the city centre, and there are some great boat trips out to the islands in the Forth.

Salted Caramel Chocolate is a taste sensation wherever you are, but with so much to explore along the Firth you're guaranteed to work up an appetite! We suggest that you take a bar of our Firth Of Forth Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar with you - guaranteed to satisfy your chocolate cravings!


Our Arthur's Seat Honey Milk Chocolate bar is a must-try. This sweet combination of honey and chocolate is a flavour sensation that has got the Paper Tiger worker bees buzzing! It's a joy to take this little piece of natural goodness out into the open air, and wouldn't you know it, Edinburgh is fortunate enough to enjoy a little piece of wild and natural parkland right in the heart of the city! 

Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Crags are the Queen’s Garden, adjacent to Holyrood Palace, and provides residents of the city with an amazing green space that is fun to explore.It offers fabulous views of Edinburgh and beyond - if you can make it to the top of this extinct volcano. Yes, we have a volcano in our city centre, a volcano that happens to be a site of special scientific interest for rare flora and fauna, and also for the geology. The study of geology was pretty much invented on Arthur's seat by James Hutton back in the 1780's. He also invented a colour dye from the madder plant, which today give Lothian Buses their distinctive colour.

Honey and chocolate will give you a boost anywhere, but there is so much to see and do at Arthur's Seat that we do feel duty bound to tell you that your enjoyment of the place will be immensely improved by carrying a bar (or two) of our Arthur’s Seat Honey Milk Chocolate in your rucksack!


Sea salt and chocolate is a unique flavour combination, one that we believe is just as striking and as different as Leith itself. This crisp and lively fusion of flavours in our Leith Lime & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate bar is a real awakening for your palate. We would recommend tucking into a piece or two of this bar sitting on The Shore, and enjoying the salty sea breeze blowing in off the River Forth. 

You can ponder on the fact that the original Rose's Lime Cordial was made just around the corner on Commercial Street, although you're just as likely to find it's modern successor in cocktails in the bars and restaurants that make this part of Leith the epicentre of culinary cool. Away from The Shore, Leith has a unique character and culture that distinguish the area from Edinburgh. Cross the boundary on Leith Walk and you're in another town, but persevere; your journey will be rewarded with art, culture and architecture that make Leith the hub of so much creativity.

Walk from Leith Links to the top of Leith Walk, and you might just catch sight of Easter Road stadium, home of Hibernian Football Club, and whose colours are wrapped around our Lime & Sea Salt Chocolate Bar. It’s a glorious, glorious experience to see the Hibees, and you might spot some of Edinburgh's famous sons in the crowd. Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting - which was set in 1980's Leith - is a big fan, and so are Craig & Charlie Reid of The Proclaimers, so take a couple of spare bars of Leith Lime & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate in case you run into the twins!


Dark chocolate and rich coffee? Of course! Whether it's a morning elevenses in a fine Georgian drawing room on Charlotte Square, or an after dinner treat in a high ceiling dining room on Queen Street, our New Town Coffee Dark Chocolate bar has a real touch of class. 

Our Dark Chocolate coffee bar is a really rather refined take on a classic combination that you can enjoy anywhere and anytime, but we think you should pack one in your pocket for a tour of the Edinburgh city centre. Make sure that you visit our Stafford Street shop and see the splendours of Georgian Neoclassical architecture that we enjoy every day on our actual doorstep! James Craig's design of 1766 was a masterpiece of city planning, developed and finessed by subsequent generations of Edinburgh architects such as William Playfair and Thomas Hamilton. 

Edinburgh's New Town was recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1995; we think that they might have arrived at their decision a little bit quicker if they had been fuelled by the rather addictive flavours of our New Town Coffee Dark Chocolate Bar!


The rich and indulgent flavour of  sustainably sourced cocoa in our Edinburgh Castle 60% Dark Chocolate bar matches the majesty of the iconic landmark. 60% cocoa gives this chocolate plenty of depth, built on solid foundations and with a sustained flavour on the palate. This is the ideal chocolate companion for a contemplative exploration of Edinburgh Castle. 

With almost 3000 years of continuous use from the Bronze Age to the present day, Edinburgh Castle is an imposing presence on Castle Rock. It has been a Royal Castle for over 800 years, with a cavalcade of famous and infamous residents. The Castle is one of the most popular attractions in the UK, and the collection of historic buildings and museums on the Castle Rock is an absorbing day out for Edinburgh residents and visitors alike. 

Dark chocolate is always a treat wherever you are, but we think any tour of the Castle would be improved immeasurably by concentrating your mind with a mouthful of our Edinburgh Castle 60% Dark Chocolate!


Indulge yourself anywhere with our Royal Mile Milk Chocolate bar. With a minimum of 40% sustainably sourced cocoa in each bar, you can enjoy the taste knowing that each mouthful has less sugar, and more of the creamy chocolate to enjoy. 

Edinburgh’s Royal Mile stretches from Edinburgh Castle Esplanade, and encompasses Castlehill, the Lawnmarket, the High Street and the Canongate before reaching the Abbey Strand and Holyrood Palace. It’s a lively place throughout the year, with activity peaking during the Edinburgh Festival every August. The Mile becomes an open air street theatre as hordes of hopefuls showcase their work to the thousands and thousands of visitors who have come to enjoy the biggest cultural festival in the world. It’s an amazing and sometimes overwhelming experience, but even on the busiest days it’s possible to slip away from crowds and find peaceful closes, secret gardens and fantastic cafes, bars and restaurants just metres from the hustle and bustle. 

Each section of the Royal Mile is packed with pure Edinburgh history, and each square of our Royal Mile 40% Milk Chocolate Bar is packed with flavour. Pick a fine day, pick up our chocolate bar, and explore a truly unique place!  


Our Scott Monument Chilli Dark Chocolate bar is a spiky addition to the Edinburgh Landmarks range, in much the same way that the Scott Monument is a highly recognisable spike on the Edinburgh skyline. Chilli may not be the most obvious ingredient in chocolate, but chocolate is often used in Mexican cooking. The subtle blend of smooth dark chocolate and the warmth of real chilli flakes is an increasingly popular flavour combination and one that our team really enjoy.  

The Scott Monument is of course a memorial to Sir Walter Scott, the famous Scots author who lived from 1771 until his death in 1832. A prodigious author, poet and writer, Scott's literary reputation towers across Scottish culture in much the same way that his Monument towers over Princes Street and the New Town, unmissable, unavoidable, and striking from every angle! Although poetry made his reputation, his novels cemented his celebrity in the early nineteenth century, with titles like 'Waverley' and 'The Heart Of Midlothian' becoming classics of Scottish literature. In amongst all the writing, Scott rediscovered the Scottish Crown Jewels - The Honours - now on display at Edinburgh Castle. 

The way we view Edinburgh and indeed Scotland today is in part a result of Scott's view of the Scots and the places he knew and loved. Not only in the Borders where he lived and died, but also here in Edinburgh, his legacy is still alive and well on the streets of the city. We recommend a wander through the vennels, closes and wynds of the Old Town where he was born, before crossing over to the New Town where he was celebrated and then immortalised in stone - and pack a bar of chilli chocolate to keep your fired up!


Orange and chocolate is a timeless taste combination, one that we all know and love – but we have truly taken this all time favourite to new heights with our Calton Hill Orange Dark Chocolate bar!

For the full flavour effect, we recommend taking a stroll up Calton Hill to enjoy the architecture of the infamous National Monument - Edinburgh’s Parthenon - Nelson’s Monument, and the recently restored City Observatory.

Make sure you walk all around the top of the Hill. The view south takes in Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Crags, to the west- the Old Town and New Town cityscape opens out in front of you. Turn to the north and you enjoy a widescreen view of the Firth Of Forth and the hills of Fife in the distance. Finally, to the east, the Firth opens up to views of the North Sea and East Lothian.

It's the finest set of views of the city - and although you can eat this bar anywhere we recommend that you take a mouthful of Calton Hill Orange and Dark Chocolate while you get an eyeful of Edinburgh!


We couldn’t resist adding a splash of gin to our Edinburgh Collection, so we added this Old Town Raspberry Gin Milk Chocolate bar! Raspberry has always been a classic ingredient for chocolatiers, adding depth of flavour and sweetness to the cocoa, and the added infusion of natural juniper gives this chocolate bar a gin twist. It’s a really fine flavour combination, reminiscent of a sweet gin liqueur, and an absolutely delicious treat!

The ‘Old Town of Edinburgh’ usually refers to the vennels and closes that run off the Royal Mile, and the surrounding streets south of the New Town and North of the Meadows. It’s the historic heart of the city, with Edinburgh Castle to the west and Holyrood Palace in the east. Significant events in Scottish history and the stories and people of Edinburgh haunt these streets and graveyards. Many important buildings like St Giles Cathedral and the Tron, institutions such as the Museum and the University as well as important landmarks like Greyfriars Bobby and the Heart Of Midlothian; can all be found in the Old Town. 

Many Old Town locations are considered to be the visual inspirations for JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, which she famously began writing in the cafes of Old Town Edinburgh. We can’t help imagining Professor Dumbledore popping a square of Old Town Raspberry Gin Milk Chocolate as he potters from Old College to Victoria Street - and we think our chocolate is magic too! 


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