Real Love! Posted on 28 Jan 15:26

The annual Valentines Day extravaganza is an important part of our year, and I love seeing the shops filled with cards and gifts, ready for hordes of customers to make their appropriate and considered gestures to their nearest and dearest. Sometimes the gestures are inappropriate, and the nearest aren't necessarily the dearest, so there's always a frisson in the air...

This year obviously feels very different.  For some people, ten months of lockdown will have strengthened some relationships, and tested others. For many, relationships will have been put on hold, put aside, or simply not been an option. For all of us, in lots of big and small ways, loss and lost have been key themes of the pandemic.

As we head toward spring, and as the vaccine rolls out, thoughts may turn to the (re)gains we will enjoy in the months ahead. Perhaps there will be a moment to reflect on the gains we have made in the last ten months too. My feeling is that - despite social distancing - in many ways we're closer than ever before, and that the end of lockdown will be a time to celebrate that closeness.

If you're not sending a Valentine card, I am sure that there is someone somewhere in your circle who would appreciate hearing from you? We have a great selection of cards to show that you're thinking of them.

The love adds up!