Scottish Chocolate Posted on 16 Apr 14:30

Here at Paper Tiger we are passionate about good chocolate. We are lucky to have some excellent chocolatiers nearby, so here are a few of our very favourite Scottish chocolates!

For a sweet treat, check out our wide selection of Paper Tiger Chocolate - inspired by Edinburgh and made to satisfy the Scottish sweet tooth! Lately I’ve been craving our salted caramel milk chocolate, inspired by the Firth of Forth. Or, if you prefer something on the dark side, try our peppermint infused dark chocolate bar, named after Holyrood. You can read about our Landmark collection here.

The chocolatiers from Coco have been perfecting their craft here in Edinburgh for many years. If you’re looking for a high-quality Scottish chocolate bar, look no further than their Haggis Spice Dark Chocolate - a unique and delicious chocolate experience! You can read more about Coco Chocolatier here.

For a yummy dairy-free alternative to milk chocolate, I always recommend the Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar from Scottish chocolatiers Chocolate Tree. Check out our Q&A with Chocolate Tree here!

Scotland’s favourite soft drink has to be Irn Bru  - and luckily Quirky Chocolate has created this fantastic Iron Brew and Popping Candy White Chocolate Bar to celebrate the unique fizzy flavour. You can see our blog about Quirky Chocolate right here

Tired of chocolate? That’s weird! But you can always try that classic Scottish treat - shortbread! This special biscuit has been perfected by the Shortbread House of Edinburgh. Try this box of shortbread with dark chocolate and orange and you’ll see what I mean!

If you’re craving more, check out our full selection of Scottish chocolate.