Scottish Gifts For Children Posted on 18 Apr 14:30

Here at Paper Tiger we have a fantastic selection of Scottish gifts for childrenHere are a few highlights that kids will love:

These unique Scottish transfer tattoos from Neon Magpie feature a selection of Scottish animals both real and mythical.

One of the latest additions to our Jellycat selection is this adorable Highland Cow - definitely one of Scotland’s cutest residents! 

Perhaps you prefer your Highland Coos to talk back! This cute Highland Cow can moo when you squeeze his hoof. 

For tiny little ones, we also have this adorable Highland Coo baby rattle, with soft fur and a satisfying shake.

If you’re more of a monster cuddler than a monster hunter, take a look at this adorable fluffy Nessie from Jellycat.

For little ones wishing to learn more about the famed monster of Loch Ness, ‘No Such Thing As Nessie’ is the perfect adventure book!

Delve into Scotland’s fascinating - and sometimes gruesome - past with the brilliant ‘Horrible Histories: Scotland’ - it’s history with humour, and a perfect way to get kids interested!

For a playful introduction to Scotland’s folklore, check out ‘Bagpipes Beasties and Bogles’ - a fun story with whimsical illustrations.

Here at Paper Tiger we are BIG fans of Tintin, who had his own Scottish adventure! You can read ‘The Black Island’ in English, or why not try reading ‘The Derk Isle’ in Scots!

If you enjoy Tintin’s Scottish adventure as much as we do, you can pick up one of these brilliant figurines of Tintin in his kilt!

We hope you find the perfect Scottish gift!