Thank You Posted on 31 Dec 16:00

Thank You!

I don't know about you, but I have been inundated with these thank you emails and newsletters, and social media messages. I've read them all - partly because I knew I would be sending something similar, but also because so many of them have been so heartfelt.

I have received messages from my suppliers, business contacts, neighbours, colleagues, family and friends. I have received them from businesses that I have used personally, and professionally. And in each case, I have remembered why I have a relationship with them. A thank you is a positive statement of gratitude, and it's also an acknowledgment of an ongoing friendship and relationship. 

There have been a handful of positives in 2020 (did I tell you about my dog!?!), but I am very much looking forward to 2021! I am glad to see the back of this year, and I'd like to sign off by thanking you all for your support and your custom this year, and offer you a little incentive to shop over the weekend.

This code THANKS2020 will take 10% off your online shop over the weekend - it's live now and active until midnight on Sunday. It's not applicable with any other offer, so I'm afraid it won't work on sale items! 


Click below to see our range of thank you cards, so that you can send your Christmas thanks too!