The Great Outdoors Posted on 24 Apr 09:00

We are officially in the season of exploring and enjoying the great outdoors! Whether you're local to us or live further afield, we hope you are able to get out and about and soak up the beauty that nature has to offer at this time of year. If you are in need of a little inspiration, we have plenty of outdoor gifts to get you in the mood and our range of outdoor books is a great place to start your next adventure! 

Some of the best family fun to be had is outdoors, with many of us cherishing memories made whilst exploring the wilderness. Our collection of Huckleberry products are designed for wee ones to play and learn outside. Whether you're planning a trip to your local river, revamping an area in your garden with fresh flowers, or birdwatching in a nature reserve, Huckleberry can supply you with the tools you need!

Living in the UK, we know only too well that good weather is never guaranteed, even in the Spring and Summer! With this in mind, we think it is important that little ones still enjoy fun and productive activities indoors! Crafts are a great option, when your little ones can't be outside discovering real beasties, they can be inside making them! 

Forests are places of magic, wonder and youthful curiosity. Our collection of woodland products is inspired by forest creatures, big and small, and is great for inspiring little ones to get outside and explore. From activity books that teach outdoor skills to woodland-inspired temporary tattoos, cute magnifying glasses to enchanting kaleidoscopes and even woodland animal masks, kids will feel at one with nature!

In our Stafford Street shop at the moment, we have a lovely shelf display reminiscent of  The Wind In The Willows, showcasing some of the froggy characters pictured above. Jellycat has once again impressed us by producing some toad-ly loveable pond pals who make for ideal outdoor adventure buddies. 

Deep into the Jellycat forest you will find a variety of tree and brambling creatures. On the forest floor tiny red squirrels and hedgehogs hibernate in berries and little bears take shelter in the native plants. Hidden amongst the trees, you may catch a glimpse of a fauna owl or local birdlings. And right up in the treetops sits Oakley Owl, with chestnut fur and dozey eyes - the perfect pal to help little ones drift off after an adventurous day! 

We hope that our selection of outdoor gifts inspires you get outside this Spring and enjoy beautiful Mother Nature.