The Scottish Summer Posted on 8 Aug 13:30

I was walking my dog a few mornings ago, and bumped into a Dog Walking Friend who I hadn't seen for a week or so. Here is a more or less verbatim transcript of our chat:

Me: Have you been away?
DWF: Yes! We had a lovely week on Colonsay!
Me: How was the weather..?
DWF: fined up as the week went on...
Me: I suppose that's the best you can really hope for...
DWF: ...and at least the wind blew the midges away!

Grey clouds have silver linings!


It seems almost cliche to say that the Scottish weather is changeable, but no matter how long I live here I always seem to be caught off guard by both the summer sun AND that sudden rain! Last week I was skipping to work in a t-shirt and sunglasses (amongst other things), basking in gorgeous July sunshine. By the weekend, the city was flooded.

This year I feel slightly more prepared for those threatening grey skies - I have a nice new Paper Tiger sweatshirt to keep me warm! If you’d like to follow my ever trendsetting style, they are available in blue and yellow, or grey and pink.

Edinburgh is very slowly filling up with visitors - the rumble of the roller trolley and the rattle of the AirBnB key safes are becoming part of the background noise of the city. To anyone exploring this city this summer, I always recommend a secret weapon against those unexpected downpours - an Emergency Rain Poncho! It seems that so long as I keep one of these in my backpack, the sun stays shining. 

The below photo was taken at a beach in East Lothian just days before Midsummer. Even on a sunny day, the coastline of the Firth Of Forth can be affected by a haar. My summer holiday will begin at home, even when the weather is dreich. Of course, as the excellent book ‘Scotland The Dreich’ has taught me, there’s fun to be had even in the worst weather? (If you don’t know the word ‘dreich’, you should absolutely pick up a copy of ‘A Scots Dictionary of Nature’!)

A rainy day is a perfect excuse for that classic downtime activity - jigsaw puzzles! At Paper Tiger we have a fantastic collection of jigsaw puzzles - big and small - to keep you entertained during stormy weather. I’m looking forward to settling down with a jigsaw of my own.

When the skies clear up and your feet feel restless I hope, like me, you are excited to get out and about! No matter where you live, the Great Outdoors is closer than you think. In Scotland, we have it in abundance, and we have laws that mean we can walk all over it! To help you plan your adventures, take a look at our wonderful selection of Outdoors Books, sure to inspire you to get moving.

Don’t forget my favourite tradition after a long walk - the reward of chocolate! This summer my thoughts are entirely taken up with these three brand new Tony's Chocoloney Bars! They are in stock in store and online, AND they are exclusive to independent retailers like Paper Tiger. I was so excited, I even wrote a blog about them!

Whatever your summer brings, I hope it's joyful!