There Will Be No Miracles Here Posted on 6 Jan 12:32

There Will Be No Miracles Here
Okay everyone, look lively! 2022! Another trip around the sun? New Year, New You? New Plans, New Places?

If all of that sounds too ambitious, how about settling for a new notebook?

I am almost a month into a '100 days' SOYS project. SOYS = Sort Out Your Stuff. It's not a huge commitment, but it is helping me focus. I started last month so that I finish on my birthday. I am addressing a murky list of stuff that I made when I began the challenge, one day at a time. There will be no miracles here, but the picture is getting clearer, and the job list is a little shorter.

It's been fun (if you have a low threshold for fun) and it has been very helpful in terms of focussing on things that I really need to do. I have used some digital apps to keep me on track, but I am a very visual person. I need to see things laid out clearly, so most of the plotting, planning and actions have been mapped out in a notebook. A new notebook, because obviously...

What can you achieve over 100 days? Or 365?

I love this blog post by Seth Godin because the content is so true, but also because it contains the phrase 'dog eared notebook'. I love a dog eared notebook because it contains wisdom and learning.

Get yourself a Moleskine notebook, and get some perspective.

Work From Home? Home From Work? Are the boundaries blurring for you? I use an app called Trello for home and work, and found these prescient tips from BC (before covid) on their company blog. 

for quick notes on the go/at my desk, I use my PT Notebook.

Another year ahead of us. For many people 2022 represents opportunity,  for others it is a foggy outlook. There is a whole world beyond. the mist waiting for us as soon as we are ready. 
Once you're ready, you just need to pace yourself!

A diary can be so much more than a list of appointments, just as your life is more than the meetings and commitments. I believe that keeping a diary helps to provide some clarity of vision
I really like this article about the miraculous power of a diary.