These are unprecedented times for all of us Posted on 20 Mar 17:26

Dear Paper Tigers,
These are unprecedented times for all of us, and they are having a huge impact on all our lives and it's having a huge impact on our business.
Paper Tiger has always been about communication and sentiment, and we believe that the giving and receiving of cards will remain a powerful way of keeping in touch with our friends and family during these difficult times. Our core values are helping us in this. We are committed to local community support, independent business integrity and personal customer care. We really need our customers to invest in those values too, and we sincerely hope that you are able to continue to shop with us online and in store.
The Paper Tiger team is doing all it can to help delay the spread of COVID-19. We are closely monitoring the guidelines and advice provided by the UK Government and we are committed to making the right decisions for you and for us and our company. We are cleaning the stores, maintaining appropriate practical distances, and keeping a close eye on the health and well being of our team.
We are here for you. We’re going to keep our website up and running at all times and as many of our stores open as we can. We really need you to be here for us too. It is Mothers Day this weekend, and Easter follows soon. It's a busy time of year for birthdays and wedding anniversaries - I will personally celebrate both (as much as I can) in the next few days and I want loads of cards!
Don't let this virus distance us too much from the people we love. Please buy a card and send a card - see below for our free card offer.
If you have any questions, or need our help, please contact us
Michael Apter
Managing Director
Paper Tiger