Tony's Chocoloney - Slavery Free Chocolate Posted on 1 Jul 12:12

Three new Tony's Chocoloney chocolate bars have landed on my desk this month and - purely in the interests of research - I have been working my way through the flavours. As anticipated, they are all amazing, but I already knew that Tony's are amazing.

These bars are doubly amazing, because they have a very smart secret hidden in their wrappers.

Tony's are committed to making their chocolate bars slavery free, and they are also on a mission to change the wider industry. In fact, the chocolate bars we sell in Paper Tiger come from a variety of artisan chocolatiers, and they are all committed to using slavery free cocoa. Tony's Chocoloney are also campaigning against the 'Big Choco' companies that control much of the cocoa production around the world, and particularly in poverty stricken West Africa, where the issues of child labour and modern slavery are rife.

'Big Choco' comprises some of the biggest manufacturers of globally popular chocolate bars and treats, and Tony's have them in their sights...  

The secret to the new bars is the inside of the wrapper. The photo above is the new Milk Crispy Wafer Bar, which is a classic combination of flavours and textures known around the world. The most famous version is of course the ubiquitous KitKat in its distinctive red and white wrapper. Do you think Nestlé source 100% slave free chocolate for their bars? Take a break, and have a think about it!


Any ideas about this one? Well, the Milk Creamy Hazelnut Crunch Bar wouldn't be out of place at the Ambassador's Party. If you really want to spoil your guests, why not swerve the Ferrero Rocher, and enjoy some really guilt free treats?

The final addition to the range is this delicious Milk Caramel Biscuit Bar. Again, the inside wrapper illustration is reminiscent of another well known brand that doesn't commit to 100% slave free sources for their cocoa. In fact, you could say that Mars Inc finds itself betwixt a rock and hard place.  

At Paper Tiger, our whole team admires the mission, and we are delighted to support the company and stock their bars. But the actual chocolate is fundamental to this laudable mission. And the actual chocolate is exceptional. 180g is a weighty lump of chocolate; the design on the actual chocolate  breaks the bar into satisfyingly random pieces, and the flavours right across the range are just incredible. We sell a lot of different bars from many different chocolatiers, but Tony's Chocoloney is a firm favourite with our team. Guilt free chocolate, and sweet solutions to difficult challenges.