Saint Valentine's Day Celebrations Posted on 10 Jan 14:40

Valentine's Day falls on the 14th of February every year. Formally, it is the feast day of Saint Valentine, an early Roman Christian martyr who was made a saint in 496 AD. Through the middle ages his feast day became associated with courtly love, and the spring mating rituals of wild birds.

Fifteen hundred years or so after his canonisation, the practice of sending cards was firmly established as a way of professing love, affirming love, and acknowledging your significant other.   

That tradition of sending cards began with the industrialisation of print processes (perhaps early letterpress cards), and really kicked on with the introduction of a cheap postal service in the early nineteenth century. The Penny Black sent hearts fluttering around the country. 

With the Age of Saints long gone and communication at our fingertips, Valentine’s Day serves as a reminder to slow down and take the time to appreciate our loved ones. Print processes and post may not be cutting edge technology anymore, but receiving a sincere message of love is certainly just as special as ever. 

Here at Paper Tiger we are experts in gestures of affection, and this year we have a great selection of Valentine’s Day goodies to help you show that special someone how much they mean to you.

We have a beautiful selection of Valentine’s Day cards - whether you are looking for something elegant and simple, or something sugary sweet, there are plenty of option to choose from. Fancy a unique Valentine card? Try this red heart reversible sequin patch card - a visually striking sensory delight, which doubles as a sweet memento! 

If you are more of a jokester than a love poet, we also have a brilliant selection of funny Valentine’s Day cards that are sure to elicit a giggle or two! Nobody does a pun better than illustrator Jo Clark - check out this citrusy delight.

Of course, nothing pairs better with a sweet card than a nice gift! We have picked out a selection of Valentine’s Day gifts for you to choose from. Why not make a flirty impression with these hilarious sexy pencils from Sharp and Blunt - flirting through stationery is something we can get behind!

Or, go for the tried and true tradition of gifting chocolates with our selection of delicious Valentine’s Day chocolates. These pink gin truffles from Love Cocoa are perfect - pink on the outside with a creamy gin flavoured centre - also available in a larger size which is perfect for sharing! 

Happy Valentine’s Day from us!