We Believe In Writing Things Down Posted on 19 Jan 13:54

January seems to have flown past at great speed, and I have been neglecting our social media accounts!

This is partly because I have been trying to have a bit of digital detox this month (I am *not* detox-ing from anything else!). My younger daughter got a mobile phone for Christmas, so I've deleted a few apps from my phone and I am trying to limit screen time in order to set a good(ish) example. The other reason is a busy start to the year in work, even if the shops are closed. Thank you for your orders and your supportive messages, every order makes a difference, every order keeps me in business, my team in employment, and you keep our suppliers in business too.

Anyway, I have been using my Moleskine Diary and my Paper Tiger notebook to keep on top of my to do lists, and for scoping out new ideas and plans for the rest of 2021. It's frustrating right now, but I am optimistic about the coming weeks, and the opportunity when we reopen.

Writing out jobs and activities reminds me that nothing quite beats the satisfaction of a nib on paper. Whatever you use (my current favourites are the Preppy fountain pens) and whatever you right on, making that mark is a powerful statement of intent. Even if it's just a shopping list! And there is a much greater sense of satisfaction to be enjoyed when you flick through the pages of a notebook or journal - a sense of progress and activity that email and various workflow apps (I have tried 'em all) cannot replicate.

That's why we believe in writing things down.