We Believe In You Posted on 22 Dec 18:30

We Believe In You

You deserve a medal. I believe that we all do! Whatever happened to you personally in 2021, history will look back on many aspects of 2021 as a year to remember for the wrong reasons. 

As we approach the year end at Paper Tiger, we're trying to top up our mojo, and roar into 2022. So rather than focus on the negatives, here are some links and reminders of a few news stories from 2021 that you may have missed - or forgotten - amongst the doom and gloom.

Let's get Coronavirus out of the way - it may have dominated the news, but the science behind the vaccines will change outcomes for countless numbers of people, and help curb other pandemics in the future. The medical breakthrough will help to combat other viruses, and the person you really need to know about is Katalina Karikó. I believe these people also need the recognition!
Other technology stories dominated, from A Virgin in Space to The Zucc's impending Metaverse. I admire the ambition, but on balance I would prefer to see multi-billionaire tech giants paying their taxes properly before they engage in these kinds of projects.

Anyway, why leave the planet or real life when the world still looks so gorgeous? I can testify to the ongoing beauty of Edinburgh, and I believe these inspirational travel photos will give you an urge to spread your wings in 2022. 

Have you ever looked at Google Trends? Their search data takes the pulse of the planet and it is absolutely fascinating. In the world of entertainment Britney was freed, Bond returned, and the Beatles Get Back. Any single one of those pop culture events is a contender for good news story of the year. I got to see live music again, an abiding passion of mine that I have missed over the last couple of years. 

I am going to avoid saying much about politics, but as a keen student (I studied the subject at university) this year has been unprecedented for some quite astonishing events and actions. A sideways look at the news via New Yorker cartoons always raises a wry smile. The news beyond coronavirus has rightly been dominated by climate change, with COP26 happening here in Scotland.

My personal highlight was seeing the American poet Amanda Gorman recite the 'The Hill We Climb' at the inauguration of President Biden. It was an intensely moving and visceral performance at a critical moment for democracy. She believed it, and she nailed it.

We are all still climbing the hill, approaching the brow, but I believe we are all brave enough to see it, and seize 2022.

Merry Christmas To You All.  

The Very Best Wishes For 2022 - what will you do next year?