What makes us select a Valentine’s card Posted on 25 Jan 16:25

We stock a wide range of Valentine’s cards every year for Valentine’s Day but it is always the same set of criteria we use to make sure it is always only the best cards that arrive at Paper Tiger.

When we come to review a Valentine’s card for stocking in our stores the first thing we look at is the quality of the card or paper it is printed on. The quality of the material will always influence our decision making. This can then be enhanced with the addition of hand crafted elements or use of hot foils.

Every card must have message no matter how small or light hearted. Every card has a story to tell and must be of a tone that responds and  reflects the core beliefs of our company. As a result a large section of our Valentine cards are from sustainable forestry schemes.

We have a selection of Valentine Card to choose from here: Valentine's Cards