What to write in a Valentine’s Day card Posted on 21 Jan 15:44

So after much searching you finally found the perfect Valentine’s card to give to your loved one this year. But, what to write? One of the most popular Valentines cards in the UK currently are humorous cards so don’t be afraid to go for a laugh. Even if your card isn’t funny on the outside you can be sure to get the right reaction by not taking Valentine’s day too seriously in your message on the inside. A little humour always goes a long way.

Why not draw something? Everyone appreciates a little sketch on the inside of any card. Even a little personalisation can really lift all that blank space inside a card. Even if you are not a Picasso, everyone can add a few hearts around what they have written to let people know how they feel.

You should always start the card with the name of the recipient so they know immediately that this is personal and meant only for them. They will take the message of love that follows with a lot more warmth and feeling if you do.

The main message of the card should always be short and to the point. Brevity is the soul of wit. A little way of letting them know how you feel about them. Be yourself.

A small expression of love is a great way to end a Valentine’s card just before your signature. Something simple and romantic is the best way to go. Always end with your signature.

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