Winging It in #NatStatWeek! Posted on 17 May 16:30

Do you ever get in a flap? Personally and professionally, more and more of my time is spent online, or in a digitalised environment. Here at Paper Tiger we are in the process of digitalising more and more of our processes and activities to make me, the team and the business more efficient, better managed, better controlled, and a better experience for our customers. But...

...this blog, along with so many of my other processes, ideas and projects start out on the page of a notebook. Of course, I would say that, wouldn't I?! Alongside greetings cards, stationery is at the core of my business, driven by a passion for paper, design, and for writing things down.

Even when emails, cloud documents, apps and notifications are popping up, downloading, pinging and ringing, at the core of my day I have my diary and my notebooks to keep track of what I am thinking, what I am doing, and also what I am remembering. And, although it is convenient to search a hard drive for a file or scour my emails for a relevant message, the pleasure of opening an old diary or notebook is a Proustian rush - a remembrance of things past, a tactile, contextual connection with the moments committed to the page. Do drop me a line if you have ever had that kind of connection with an old email!

It is absolutely no accident that we live and work in a world of netbooks, iPads, tablets, notebooks, MacBooks, ThinkPads, and Chromebooks - they take their names and their ultimate purpose from our basic human desire to communicate our thoughts and ideas through the medium of paper. those of us who keep the simplicity of pen and paper at the core of our creativity are not winging it.

We are flying.