HAPPY CHRISTMAS, WAR IS OVER Posted on 9 Oct 09:13


As we all resign ourselves to a Christmas like no other in living memory, it's clear that - as things stand - we will miss the people we care about this year.

It's hard to imagine how this will affect us all in the days and weeks ahead, but I am dreaming that we all make more of an effort to maintain positive connections, and that people around the world emerge from this war on the coronavirus with a more considered and peaceful view of how they live their lives. Clearly, I would like people to do that by sending more cards to keep in touch!

Now, you may say I'm a dreamer, but today marks the day when John Lennon* would have turned eighty, I'd like to think I'm not the only one. I hope some day more people will join us and make the effort to keep family and friends in their thoughts with a considered card or note through their letterbox. 

I can't promise that the world will live as one, but I think it might be a wee bit more pleasant place for us all to live. Peace & Love.  

*I'm listening to this BBC documentary, and I made this playlist. John was only 40 when he was murdered, and had just released 'Double Fantasy'. He had just begun to re-emerge as a cultural force after his 'lost weekend' phase, and it is hard to contemplate what he might have achieved - I doubt he would have had much time for the musical horrors of 1980's McCartney, but he might have been intrigued by how his friend David Bowie retained his cultural, critical and commercial relevance.

The photo of John & George was taken by the photographer Philip Townsend. Philip passed away a few years ago; he was known as 'Mr Sixties' and he was quite a character - we held an exhibition of his work in Paper Tiger back in 2006. I spent hours in his company listening to his stories, and I have this photo hung on the landing at home, so I see John and George every night on the way to bed.