online easter egg hunt

Join in our online Easter Egg Hunt

We have hidden 12 Easter eggs through out the website by placing images of an Easter Egg beside the product images of 12 products. If you find these products and use the discount code: easteregg you will get a discount off your product. The discount will be for 30% off the item. We will be giving lots of tips along to way so you can find the 12 eggs. This discount will only last until Easter Sunday.

How to find them

The Easter eggs have been randomly hidden through out the website, tucked away on certain product pages. When you find one it will be clearly stated on the page, the Easter Egg image will appear and there will be a reminder to use the discount code easteregg in the checkout for this product.

We will be posting hints & tips on social media where to find them as well as updating our blog and website

Best of Luck.

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