Paper Tiger becomes first Scottish Independent business to achieve gold standard in tax transparency

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Fair Tax Mark - the first independent business in Scotland to achieve this certification. The Fair Tax Mark certifies that Paper Tiger has met the highest standards in tax transparency, and is fully compliant in all its tax dealings.

Paper Tiger Director Michael Apter said “Paper Tiger aims to deliver a great shopping experience, with great products in great stores, assisted by a great team. As well as being great, we want to demonstrate that we are good too and The Fair Tax Mark represents another opportunity for us to show that we are a good business run by good people. We believe that we are taking a lead in Edinburgh when it comes to transparency and accountability. Edinburgh is a prosperous and outward looking place to live and work, and we feel it's important that businesses in the city continue to help it to grow in an ethical manner. As the first independent retailer in Scotland to achieve this Award, we hope we can inspire other businesses to look at their practices and set an example in their own sectors”.

We believe that paying the correct tax is a basic principle of good business ethics, and we hope that our partners within our retail sector will take note of our commitment to good business ethics, and consider how they can work to improve their credentials in the future - suppliers and makers as well as our neighbours and customers. The integrity of the High Street is often brought into question by large multinationals, and consumers have a real and perceived sense of the use of tax avoidance schemes by some of the main players. In addition, the world of online trading is rife with tax avoidance at the international level, and by small traders and foreign traders who exploit a poorly policed taxation system in the UK. We believe that the Fair Tax Mark gives Paper Tiger credibility with our customers in store, and online.

Paper Tiger has long had an ethical approach at the heart of its business, dealing with our suppliers fairly, and supporting many local charities in the city. The business was one of the first independent retailers to sign up as Living Wage UK employer, and we have enjoyed the benefits that this has brought in terms of staff recruitment and retention. As part of its recent assessment for the Fair Tax Mark, Paper Tiger provided four years’ worth of information on its financial health. The business has also developed a comprehensive tax policy, which is freely available to the general public online at

About Fair Tax Mark

The Fair Tax Mark certification scheme was launched in February 2014 and seeks to encourage and recognise organisations that pay the right amount of corporation tax at the right time and in the right place. Tax contributions are a key part of the wider social and economic contribution made by business, helping the communities in which they operate to deliver valuable public services and build the infrastructure that paves the way for growth.

Certified businesses include FTSE-listed PLCs, co-operatives, social enterprises and large private business. We operate as a not-for-profit community benefit society and believe that companies paying tax responsibly should be celebrated, and any race to the bottom resisted.


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