A Q&A With Sarah Payne from Cocoa Loco Posted on 4 Oct 13:51

Cocoa Loco makes delicious goodies with excellent flavour combinations, all while priding themselves on their ethical practices and high-quality ingredients - everything created by Cocoa Loco is Fairtrade and Organic!

Sarah Payne is the director and founder of Cocoa Loco, which she started in 2005. Since then her skills as a chocolatier have earned her plenty of recognition - Cocoa Loco has been featured in Vogue, The Independent, and HuffPost! We asked Sarah a few questions about her experiences.

Favourite chocolate from childhood?
The strawberry creams from the Dairy milk selection box.

How did you become a chocolatier?
I started off baking brownies and selling them at farmers markets and as I got busier I started to diversify into other homemade chocolate goodies.

What is your favourite flavour combination?
Hazelnut praline and dark chocolate

What is the most important element in the chocolate making process for you?
Taste testing!

How do you find inspiration for your ranges and products?
Literally everywhere, shopping, watching cookery programs, browsing the internet, overhearing other people's conversations, when eating out, inspiration comes when you least expect it!

What do you use to track and plan your work and product development?
My husband!

What tip would you give to your younger self?
Don’t sweat the small stuff

What do you like to do when you are not making chocolate?
Tramping around in my garden or in the countryside with my husband and 2 dogs Harry and Maia.

What are you working on next?
Creating chocolate recipes which I hope will become part of a chocolate cookbook!


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