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As an independent retailer we take very seriously our responsibilities towards the environment, the community, our customers, our employees and our suppliers. We recognise that our retail business has direct and indirect environmental impacts and we commit to managing these effects responsibly.

Our commitment:

  • Reduce our environmental impact - we use Changeworks UK, who use UK facilities to recycle waste materials
  • Manage our retail outlets to minimise the environmental impact of our activities - we target waste reduction every year.
  • Promote environmental best practice among our staff, suppliers and customers
  • To provide transparent information to our customers about
  •  our environmental practices 
  • To purchase and use environmentally responsible products in store - we are eliminating single use plastics from our business and working with our suppliers to remove it from the supply chain
  • To sell sustainably sourced and packaged products in our stores - we are working with our suppliers and are on track to have no single use plastics for sale in our stores by 2021
  • Paper Tiger is committed to targeting the environmental impact of plastics and ending plastics pollution - our team is working hard to eradicate single use plastics from our stores as quickly as we can - be assured that we have really got our claws into this!

    Trees for Life

    See the number of trees we have planted with Trees for Life here: Paper Tiger Grove
    We are a Carbon Neutral Website. We plant trees in Scotland to neutralise the carbon emissions of our website.


    Carbon-neutral Deliveries


    Paper Tiger uses Planet, the carbon-neutral shipping option from Shopify, to help support the most promising climate solutions on Earth every time we ship an order. We make a carbon removal payment on behalf of our customers for every order we ship.
    Unlike other sustainable commerce services, Planet focuses on carbon removal, rather than offsetting carbon with forest protection. To do this, Shopify works with high-impact companies like Running Tide and Remora through the Shopify Sustainability Fund to make a real impact on our Earth.


    Potato starch Carrier Bags

    Our carrier bags are made using potato starch! Potato starch is compostable in your food waste bin or home composter, or in garden waste recycling.
    Our potato starch carrier bag are made from 100% compostable material that disintegrates down to just leave carbon dioxide, water and biomass in just under 3 months.


    Paper Tiger Products

    In our Paper Tiger products the paper we use is recycled, the cover is eco-friendly recycled kraft board, and your notebook has been printed using vegetable inks.


    Paper Tiger Delivery Packaging

    eco-friendly packaging

    The book wraps we use are plastic free, biodegradable, climate neutral, sustainable and 100% recyclable.

    The climate neutral postal boxes we use are plastic free, biodegradable, climate neutral, sustainable and 100% recyclable.

    The EcoMailingBags we use are plastic free, biodegradable, climate neutral, sustainable and 100% recyclable.

    The environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard roll we use is fully recyclable and biodegradable, plastic free and made from 75% recycled paper.

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