Since 1981, Paper Tiger, has offered design led cards, stationery, wrap and gifts products from new and established Edinburgh and UK based artists, all carefully selected, and including a large selection of creative cards, stylish stationery, gifts, toys, books and wrap. We are very proud to represent local Scottish work at all of our Edinburgh stores.

We are a Living Wage employer, amongst the first in Scotland, committed to being a responsible business in our working practices and our approach to our relationships with our employees, our suppliers and our customers. We actively support a number of charities and have donated thousands of pounds to causes such as The Edinburgh Royal Hospital For Sick Children, Breast Cancer Now, and the UNHCR fund for Syrian Refugees, as well as donating prizes and vouchers to local business and schools' fundraising activities and to charities that resonate with our team and our values as a business. In 2022 we celebrated the Chinese Year Of The Tiger with a £10,000 fundraising campaign for Tiger Conservation projects. 

Paper Tiger History

Established in 1981, Paper Tiger began life as part of the Studio One group of companies, founded by John Johnson in 1966. Over the course of fifty years the Studio One group encompassed design shops, record shops, galleries, cook shops and upholstery businesses.

Paper Tiger trades from its stores in Stafford Street and Lothian Road in Edinburgh. Studio One Furniture trades from a long established site on Morningside Road. Although separate businesses, the shops continue to be run on John’s core ethos of good design at great prices.

Michael Apter is the owner and Managing Director for Paper Tiger. David Horn is the owner and Managing Director at Studio One Furniture in Morningside, and although retired, John continues to takes an active interest in the business, working with Michael and David to set a high standard in all of our stores.

Paper Tiger Values

(We Believe In Taking Care)

Consistently Great Customer Service - We pay close attention to our customers’ journey through our shops and digital space and strive to make each step of the experience easy and enjoyable. We always make time for our customers, putting them at the top of our priority list when making decisions.

Environmentally Conscious - striving for a sustainable future - We will never stop striving to improve our practises, to actively reduce harm done to our planet. We do this by operating a carbon neutral website, offsetting our carbon footprint elsewhere by planting trees and constantly reviewing and adapting our operations.

Stores that tell the stories of our products, makers, illustrators & designers - We have a wealth of product knowledge and can confidently recommend meaningful items that we love. We take care to showcase special items that reflect the love with which they have been produced.

Beautiful, high quality Cards, Stationery & Gifts, lovingly curated - We are always on the hunt for unique, beautiful high quality products. We take our time considering what we buy and why we are buying it. We understand the value of what we sell and treat it accordingly.


(We Believe in You)

Positive, Supportive, and considerate teams that believe in each other - We support diverse and creative team members, and look for opportunities to educate one another and raise each other up. We aren’t quiet about singing our colleagues' praises.

Inspiring our customers who appreciate lovely things - we strive to find the best products and special things for our customers. Our customers are discerning consumers who share our beliefs and values, and who trust us to deliver for them, and for their family and friends. 

Treating Suppliers & Partners with Integrity, Fairness & Respect - Whether you’re a new team member or a long running supplier, we will do our utmost to make you feel valued, choosing always to communicate professionally, taking all opportunities to be warm, honest and respectful.

Proud members of the Communities we serve - It is important for us to support the communities we belong to. We frequently look for meaningful and actionable measures to thank our community for supporting us.


(We Believe In Writing Things Down)

Diligent in our Work - We take care to pay close attention to detail, returning to basics when needed. We seek to evolve, gaining and recording valuable knowledge along the way.

We take care of our stores, our products and our systems - We care about the presentation and maintenance of our spaces. We have created, and continue to evolve and maintain, an infrastructure to improve our environment for one another and for you.

We take care of our people - We are generous with our colleagues, with the understanding that clarity in communication is fundamental. We seek to provide and request feedback.

We take responsibility for our actions, as individuals, as a team and a business - We embrace the inevitability of making mistakes and understand that true value comes from how we deal with mistakes.  


(We Believe In Being WILDER)

Wildly Independent - We are proud to be an independent business, it is a core part of our identity and our decisions reflect this.

Seeking Innovation - We love wild ideas, and we are on a never ending adventure to find the new, the exciting, and the unusual.

Uniquely Creative - Come play with us! We love sharing our knowledge and love of all things creative and will always have time to help you find fun and inspiration for you, your family and your friends.   

Passionate about Paper - Paper is at the heart of what we do and we respect and understand the power of such a humble material. We seek to source sustainable methods of production to ensure the longevity of our favourite medium.

Let’s have chocolate for breakfast - We believe there’s always room for whimsy (and chocolate!).


    Paper Tiger and Studio One

    The Studio One and Paper Tiger story starts in 1966 when John Johnson decided to stop being a school technical teacher, and follow his passions by making and selling his own furniture. As a result, Studio One was born in the basement of 10 Stafford Street. As the business evolved John developed other shops and businesses. At various times John has successfully operated cook shops, record shops and a sofa shop, not to mention countless exhibitions. The Furniture shop in Morningside was established in the late seventies and Paper Tiger came into being in 1981.

    Paper Tiger aims to provide our customers with the very best selection of contemporary greeting cards, stationery, gift wrap and gift items. We do this by sourcing the very best products available from all over the world. We have a distinctive and individual approach to buying, ensuring that our range and selection are unmatched.

    Greeting cards, gift wrap and paper based stationery such as notebooks and journals form the basis of the range alongside an interesting and eclectic range of desktop stationery items. We are renowned for fabulous seasonal ranges of Christmas cards, calendars and diaries, and distinctive Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Fathers Day cards.

    Paper Tiger Brands

    Some of the world famous brands that Paper Tiger offers are

    A full list can be found here: SITEMAP

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