Cards For Ukraine Posted on 23 Apr 10:35

We are very pleased to announce that Paper Tiger is stocking the first two cards in a range of designs raising money for Ukraine. 100% of the net sales will go to a fundraiser run by Zhenya Dove.

Zhenya is a Ukrainian citizen studying here in Edinburgh, and has been a visible and vocal opponent of the Russian invasion of her country. She describes herself as follows: 

I am a student and a Ukrainian who has lived in Edinburgh for the last 8 years, enjoying my rather carefree life. It all changed on the 24th of February 2022 when my home country was invaded by Russia, bringing nothing but death and destruction to everything I held dear. Having seen the places where I grew up bombed and lives of the people I love destroyed; I felt a sense of helplessness I could never put into words. But as one Ukrainian saying goes, tears don’t get things done, so I decided to do my part to stop this horrendous unprovoked war and to help the people whose bravery humbles me every day.

My family lives in what is now an occupied town, my friends, who only recently were raising families and planning holidays, are living in bomb shelters, some tirelessly volunteering, or fighting for their country. They are the Spartans of the 21st century and supporting them is the least I can do.

With the help of all the caring people, we are able to send the money and aid directly to where it’s needed - to address targeted needs urgently, sometimes in areas not reachable to humanitarian convoys. Food, baby products, medicine, transport is just a short list of the ways we have been helping so far, which, with your help, will continue to grow, bringing our victory just a wee bit closer. 

Slava Ukraini! 

Zhenya has incredible energy and an infectious desire to help her country, and we are very pleased to help her on her powerful mission to make a difference.