Sending Christmas Cards Posted on 30 Nov 10:37

The first Christmas card on record was sent in 1611 by Michael Maier to James I of England - it was rather long-winded message ‘to the most worshipful and energetic lord’ and signed off with the author’s very long list of titles - but I like to think that what old Maier started in 1611, Paper Tiger has perfected in the 21st century! It’s no wonder that the tradition has persisted through all this time - no matter how many Christmas cards I receive, it is always a delight to read a message from a friend. This sentiment is at the heart of what we do at Paper Tiger - that impulse to reach out during the coldest months of the year and let a loved one know we care.

I know some of you have been buying your Christmas cards from Paper Tiger for many years - I hope you enjoy this year’s selection as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

A firm favourite every year - these playful packs of Christmas cards from Gingerpaws feature festive Edinburgh scenes with delightful illustrations and happy characters (can you find the hidden ginger cat in each?). This collection includes a view of the mound design created exclusively for Paper Tiger.

Another Edinburgh talent with a delightful festive range is Neon Magpie - we have a selection of Neon Magpie Christmas cards featuring Edinburgh scenery - like these beautiful Ross Fountain cards - or playful winter scenes with a Scottish twist - such as these tartan bagpiper cards.

When it comes to beautiful winter imagery, the fayre range from Museums & Galleries really delivers. A favourite of mine is this bullfinches and berries Christmas card pack by artist Kate Heiss - I love the bold colours and strong lines! For a classic winter scene, check out this pack of polar bear Christmas cards from artist Jo Spicer.

If you’re looking for a luxurious touch this Christmas, we have a selection of letterpress cards - including these two which are finished with gold foil. This foiled deer on blue Christmas card pack features a beautifully detailed stag in gold, and this foiled tree on green Christmas card pack has a classic fir tree standing proudly in its pot.

If you enjoy the look of foil details, I would have to recommend the gorgeous foiled woodland creatures luxury box of Christmas cards - this beautiful illustration has such a nostalgic feeling to it. Or, for the bird-watchers, try this box of foiled luxury Christmas cards featuring an illustration of various winter birds among the branches.

For a bold twist on the classic Christmas card, take a look at these bright cards from artist Matthew Williamson. This reindeer pack of Christmas cards mixes geometric prints with a natural silhouette and silver foil details. For a funky multi-coloured and metallic robin, try this robin pack of Christmas cards.

For animal lovers, I would highly recommend our adorable range of Christmas cards from Roger la Borde. My personal favourite would have to be the ‘paw prints in the snow’ pack of Christmas cards featuring a very sweet family of foxes. If you are more of a cat-person, try the ‘fireside cats’ Christmas card pack, which features a whole litter of festive felines.