Face To Face With Edinburgh Natural Skincare Posted on 23 Aug 09:49

On a recent road trip I caught up with Tommy Crooks from Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company. I have known Tommy for many years; our old sister store Studio One was one of his first stockists, and Tommy would often visit to train our team and run demonstrations for customers.

HIs business has grown significantly since those days, with two shops in Edinburgh, and has moved from the family kitchen table to large factory premises.

The reason for his success is simple - Tommy works really hard to deliver on the core promise of handmade products using nature's finest ingredients. 

The soaps are made using the cold processed method. Cold processed soap is made with natural ingredients and essential oils, and is pressed and shaped into moulds, and left to cure for four weeks. That process - saponification - results in a properly blended and stable bar of soap.
Cured for four weeks to create a stable product. Each stage of the process is carefully controlled by Tommy's team of soap makers. The factory is custom built to their specifications, with made to measure stainless steel tables that fit the arm length of team members! They are even fabricated by a neighbouring business on the same estate as the factory. 
These time-served production methods, in combination with properly cared for pure, plant-based ingredients not only manages their carbon footprint, but also locks the goodness into their essential oils, butter and plant extracts - adding important and revitalising nutrients to your hair and skin.

Sustainability and looking after the environment is a core part of what they do. None of their products are tested on animals, and the packaging and processes are completely plastic free. The ingredients used are all clean and pure, meaning no toxins are released into he environment throughout the making process - and unlike mass-produced synthetic products, you can be certain you're not causing any accidental pollution through use. Sourcing their botanic ingredients from verified cultivators in Scotland allows them to support local businesses and keep their carbon footprint low at the same time.
Today he sells his range into some of the best retailers in the world, including Paper Tiger!