Go Wild With Jellycat Animals Posted on 12 Jun 12:00

Jellycat soft toys have had a place on our shelves ever since their launch in 1999. More than two decades later, we now see adults who have grown up with Jellycat toys carrying on the tradition and gifting these fuzzy friends to their own children. Animal plushies are a classic, and Jellycat has it absolutely perfected! Here are a few of our favourite Jellycat animals:

A classic in any Jellycat collection, this bashful bunny has been a bestseller ever since her creation in 1999. It’s easy to understand why - her soft floppy ears and little pink nose make bashful bunny endearing, whichever size and colour you choose.

If classic is not your style, try something a little unexpected with the pretty and pink Alice Axolotl! Alice made quite a splash when we introduced her to our shelves, quickly becoming one of our most popular cuddlies. 

With his lovely ginger fur, gentle smile, and soft hooves, Truffles Highland Cow makes the perfect Scottish gift for kids. He can sit upright, or he can lie flat like a sleepy pancake - an ideal companion for naps in the sun. 

The fabulous Storm Octopus is the perfect example of Jellycat’s high-quality and quirky style - this creature has wonderfully textured tentacles which are super satisfying to play with. If blue isn’t your colour, try the perfectly pink Odell Octopus.

For something simple and sweet, check out the bright Birdling Kingfisher. The whole Birdling gang - including puffins and pigeons - is ideal for little hands, and small enough to carry in a pocket (just make sure they don’t fly away!).

You can see all our Jellycat animals here - or take a look at the full Jellycat range here.