Jellycat Amuseables To Make You Smile Posted on 12 Jun 11:00

Jellycat soft toys have been a staple of our shelves for over two decades. Part of the charm is their continuous innovation in design, so each new range of fluffy friends is a delight to meet. This is especially true of the new Amuseables range - ideal for those looking for unique soft toys. Here are a few of our favourites:

Let someone know they are a good egg with the fluffy and smiling Amuseable Boiled Egg. Her soft chord legs dangle charmingly and she makes a wonderful breakfast companion. If you can’t get enough of that sunny yolk face, check out the larger size! 

If you’re looking for a whimsical touch for your child’s (or your!) room, take a look at this brilliant Amuseable Toadstool! With a perfect mushroom shape and a mix of soft textures, this little fungi is super satisfying to squish and hug.

The Amuseables range is also great if you’re looking for a more practical gift for babies, like this sweet Avocado Bamboo Dinner Set. The bright colours and cheery smiles make fruit and veg more fun.

For the would-be plant parent lacking in green thumbs, the Silly Succulent Columna Cactus is a great place to start - no need to water, no spikes to avoid, just soft fuzz and a happy smile.

Better than a bouquet, this happy Amuseable Daffodil stays in bloom all year long. The flower petals are made from a lovely soft velvet, while the stems are a soft chord. As well as Daffodil, you can also collect Tulip, Crocus, and Bluebell for a whole happy garden.

You can see the whole Amuseable range here - or take a look at all our full Jellycat collection here.