JELLYCAT BABY GIFTS Posted on 8 Apr 17:17

Introducing Jellycat's exclusive new baby collection featuring cuddly comforters, playful rattles, and their beloved characters in irresistibly soft fabrics.

Get ready for snuggles and giggles with Jellycat's adorable new baby collection!

This exclusive range features everything you need to soothe and entertain your little one. Imagine:

  • Cuddly Comforters: Made from Jellycat's signature irresistibly soft fabrics, these comforters will become a cherished companion for your baby. They'll come in a variety of loveable characters, like Bashful Bunny, Cordy Roy Elephant, or perhaps even a fluffy dragon!
  • Playful Rattles: Bright colours, gentle textures, and a fun rattle sound will keep your baby engaged and stimulated. These rattles might be shaped like friendly farm animals, silly vegetables, or even classic shapes and rings.
  • Beloved Characters in Soft Fabrics: Jellycat is known for their quirky and endearing creatures. This collection will feature all your favourites – cuddly bunnies, floppy-eared puppies, friendly octopuses – made with luxuriously soft fabrics perfect for tiny hands and gentle pats.